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Embassy News Archives - December 2004

Articles Published
Cyprus President’s message for the New Year 12-31-2004
Cypriot doctors: Situation much worse in SE Asia 12-31-2004
Cyprus President: no signature, no accession talks for Turkey 12-30-2004
Cyprus House President: no arbitration, no strict deadlines 12-30-2004
Cyprus government approves 370.000 dollars aid to southeast Asia 12-29-2004
Cypriot Doctors of the World leave for Sri Lanka 12-29-2004
Cyprus protests to UN over violations by Turkish military planes 12-29-2004
Cyprus President: we want a solution as soon as possible 12-28-2004
Bi-communal Youth Forum says April referenda not end of road 12-28-2004
Cyprus cabinet to decide on assistance to southeast Asia 12-28-2004
Cyprus hopes remaining 20 Cypriots in southeast Asia will be found 12-28-2004
Annan to move on Cyprus if the two sides agree on a way forward 12-27-2004
Cyprus Government sees no change in Russian position on Cyprus 12-27-2004
Cyprus President sends condolences to quake stricken countries 12-27-2004
President Papadopoulos wishes for Cyprus reunification in 2005 12-23-2004
Cyprus youth call on international community to launch new Cyprus initiative 12-23-2004
AHI Congratulates Members of Congress on Letter Regarding the Recent TSA Activities in Occupied Cyprus 12-22-2004
House President: Possible solutions did not represent Cyprus people's interests 12-22-2004
Spokesman confirms released French hostages are expected in Cyprus 12-22-2004
Annan Plan cannot be brought to a referendum as it is, Spokesman says 12-21-2004
EU President says Turkey must sign customs union protocol 12-21-2004
Spokesman says Turkey must meet its obligations to EU 12-21-2004
King of Spain looks forward to visit Cyprus in 2005 12-21-2004
State Department: The Annan plan is the plan for a Cyprus settlement 12-21-2004
The Cyprus International Institute (CII) for the Environment and Public Health12-21-2004
Cypriot President says Ankara to sign protocol with Commission 12-20-2004
Greek Prime Minister sees no movement in Cyprus problem 12-20-2004
US discussing Cyprus with EU; UN plan still on table 12-20-2004
Cyprus satisfied with EU summit decision on Turkey 12-17-2004
EU, Turkey Agree on Cyprus Condition 12-17-2004
EU welcomes Turkey's decision to sign adaptation protocol 12-17-2004
Annan: no plans at present to resume Cyprus talks 12-17-2004
Turkey has to sign Protocol before talks start, EU draft says 12-17-2004
EU leaders give Turkey date, Balkenende to talk with Erdogan on Cyprus 12-17-2004
Marathon negotiations expected on EU Council conclusions 12-16-2004
Solana calls on Turkey to recognise Cyprus 12-16-2004
Cyprus President not satisfied with Barroso’s statements 12-16-2004
Cyprus President: There will be very hard negotiations at EU Summit 12-16-2004
British Minister: Annan plan the only realistic basis for settlement 12-16-2004
Turkey has to adapt the Ankara Agreement, says Spokesman 12-15-2004
European Parliament adopts report on Turkey 12-15-2004
Socialist leader leaves for Brussels to attend PSE meeting 12-15-2004
United Democrats leader to attend ELDR meeting 12-15-2004
Members of US Congress question US policy towards Cyprus 12-14-2004
Members of the European Parliament call on Turkey to recognize Cyprus 12-14-2004
Cyprus party to five-year action plan against mines 12-14-2004
Armenian politician calls on Cyprus to withstand threats 12-14-2004
Cyprus President: We will decide about Turkey at the last moment12-13-2004
EU FMs to tackle Turkey's European bid12-13-2004
Cypriot President says EU talking about terms for Turkey's bid 12-10-2004
Cyprus aims to link Turkey's EU course with human rights 12-10-2004
Cyprus President: No moves on the question of Cyprus 12-09-2004
Lord Hannay: Giving Turkey a date will have a profound effect on Cyprus 12-09-2004
UN: SG's report for 5th Committee a technical document 12-09-2004
Cyprus President briefs National Council in view of EU Summit 12-08-2004
Communications Minister in Brussels for EU meeting 12-08-2004
Belgian Senate Committee adopts draft text on Turkey's EU bid 12-08-2004
Cypriot President disappointed over EU summit draft conclusions 12-08-2004
Balkenende: Recognition of Cyprus linked with Ankara Agreement 12-07-2004
EU President arrives for talks 12-07-2004
Cyprus government ''disappointed'' with EU summit draft 12-07-2004
US refrains from comment on need for Turkey to recognise Cyprus 12-07-2004
EU summit draft on Turkey circulated among members 12-07-2004
FM says Cyprus seeking to normalise relations with Turkey 12-06-2004
Cyprus FM: a lot of work done in view of EU summit 12-06-2004
Cyprus President hopes Cyprus' positions to be adopted at EU conclusions 12-06-2004
Turkey obliged to recognize the Cyprus Republic, says Cypriot President 12-06-2004
Greek Prime Minister: Non-recognition of Cyprus constitutes a paradoxy 12-06-2004
Ambassador Evriviades Speaks with Embassy Newsweekly 12-03-2004
Cyprus Spokesman: Ankara's non recognition policy ''unreasonable'' 12-03-2004
Balkenende-Papadopoulos to discuss EU matters 12-03-2004
Cypriot FM addresses WEU Assembly 12-02-2004
US Senator: TSA officials' visit to occupied north raises concern 12-02-2004
Egyptian Speaker says his country rejects occupation of Cyprus 12-02-2004
British PM: No special obstacles should be put in Turkey's European course 12-02-2004
Cyprus expects improvement of EU summit draft conclusions 12-01-2004
Dutch Premier to visit Cyprus for talks in view of EU summit 12-01-2004
European Greens support viable Cyprus settlement 12-01-2004
Cyprus FM stresses importance of dialogue in Med region 12-01-2004