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Embassy News Archives - March 2005

Articles Published
Cyprus FM welcomes Turkey’s commitment to accept protocol 03-31-2005
Cyprus and US sign Memorandum on combating money laundering 03-31-2005
President Papadopoulos meets US Congress delegation 03-31-2005
Ereli: US favours Cyprus' reunification based on Annan plan 03-31-2005
Jordan respects UN resolutions on Cyprus 03-31-2005
EU Commission to work for protocol implementation 03-30-2005
Turkey has initialed protocol, Commission Representation says 03-30-2005
UN spokesman says UNSG does not wish another failure of Cyprus talks 03-29-2005
US anticipates to see Cyprus achieve its full potential, says diplomat 03-29-2005
Commission receives letter from Turkey to sign EU protocol 03-29-2005
Cyprus-Russia agree on a just, viable and comprehensive settlement 03-28-2005
Cyprus Foreign Minister to visit Jordan 03-28-2005
Ukraine supports speedy solution in Cyprus 03-28-2005
Cypriot government aware of content of Turkey's protocol 03-28-2005
Libya supports peaceful solution in Cyprus 03-28-2005
Cyprus football team leave for Switzerland 03-28-2005
Celebrations in Cyprus for Greek Independence 03-28-2005
British official: No change in our policy on Cyprus 03-24-2005
Greek Ambassador: Cyprus partition not an option 03-24-2005
Russian FM reaffirms Moscow's position on Cyprus 03-24-2005
Spanish FM: Turkey should sign and implement Customs Union Protocol 03-24-2005
UN chief requests additional funds for UNFICYP 03-24-2005
Ads in London for Turkish occupied areas withdrawn 03-24-2005
Congress shows women's entrepreneurship good for economy 03-24-2005
DISY leader confirms invitation to AKP to visit Cyprus 03-24-2005
Republic of Cyprus contributes more than $700m to Turkish Cypriot community 03-23-2005
Cypriot President says Turkey delaying to sign protocol 03-23-2005
Cypriot House President returns home from Australia 03-23-2005
Turkey must sign customs union protocol, says Cyprus President 03-23-2005
Spanish FM to visit Cyprus 03-23-2005
Britain supports approval of EU regulations for Turkish Cypriots 03-23-2005
Cyprus FM Permanent Secretary to visit Moscow and Libya 03-22-2005
DISI leader: Erdogan assures Turkey will back efforts for a Cyprus solution 03-22-2005
Cyprus President arrives in Brussels 03-22-2005
Britain sees Cyprus settlement in EU framework 03-22-2005
Cyprus announces social work scheme for offenders 03-22-2005
South Australian Premier demands justice for Cyprus 03-22-2005
Britain says Annan plan provided Turkish troop withdrawal 03-22-2005
Greece and Turkey discuss Cyprus in Brussels 03-22-2005
Cyprus President wants new UN initiative for Cyprus settlement 03-21-2005
Russian envoy says no substantial change in stance on Cyprus 03-21-2005
Cyprus House President asks for amendments to Annan plan 03-21-2005
Democratic Party leadership elected 03-21-2005
Greece expects Turkey to sign Customs Union protocol the soonest possible 03-21-2005
US: Changes in Annan Plan must be acceptable to both sides03-18-2005
Kyprianou says Turkey must sign protocol otherwise no EU talks 03-18-2005
Cyprus' Spokesman says Talat should make up his mind 03-18-2005
Cyprus government says no formal proposal submitted to UN 03-18-2005
Danish MEP says EP needs more information about Annan plan 03-18-2005
UNFICYP's head at annual Chiefs of Mission meeting in NY 03-18-2005
Benefits for Turkish Cypriots 03-18-2005
Russian Foreign Ministry Envoy to visit Cyprus 03-18-2005
UN: No formal G/C proposal for resumption of Cyprus talks 03-18-2005
Polish President: Cyprus solution can be reached through accord under UN aegis 03-17-2005
Cyprus President dismisses claims Greek Cypriots do not want solution 03-17-2005
Cyprus House President briefs Cypriots in Australia 03-17-2005
Cypriot President proposes new UN initiative on Cyprus 03-17-2005
FIBA All Star Day to be organised in Cyprus 03-17-2005
Polish President: EU must play more active role in Cyprus solution 03-17-2005
PIC convention enters into force in Cyprus 03-17-2005
Cypriot Defence Minister to take part in EU ministers' meeting 03-17-2005
Greek PM calls on Turkey to sign Ankara Agreement 03-17-2005
Research says Cypriots pessimistic about EU and solution 03-16-2005
US Congress Commission to adopt harsh resolution on Turkey 03-16-2005
Polish President arrives in Cyprus for official visit 03-16-2005
Spokesman says Luxembourg's positions reflect Cyprus' 03-16-2005
EU active in Cyprus problem, Wallstrom's Spokesman says 03-16-2005
EU Neighbourhood Policy aims to share benefits 03-16-2005
Australian Premier expresses interest in Cyprus settlement 03-16-2005
British MEP: Turkey must sign Customs Union protocol with Cyprus 03-16-2005
Cyprus supports EU Common Agricultural Policy 03-15-2005
Cyprus offers financial assistance to the Seychelles 03-15-2005
Cyprus House President begins official meetings in Australia 03-15-2005
Opposition leader discussed Cyprus issue with EU Council President 03-15-2005
Cyprus becomes member of ICPEN Global 03-15-2005
Cyprus Government: Britain's position on Cyprus' recognition is unconceivable 03-15-2005
Cyprus Red Cross to build institution for children in a tsunami hit country 03-15-2005
Cypriot Minister meets UN official in Geneva 03-15-2005
Cyprus' Representative elected head of UN committee 03-15-2005
Gul says Turkey's EU protocol not recognition of Cyprus 03-15-2005
Opposition leader acknowledges urgent need for correct solution 03-14-2005
Turkish FM in Britain to discuss Cyprus issue with Straw 03-14-2005
President Papadopoulos congratulates new Greek President 03-14-2005
Papadopoulos: Bad solution guarantee for worse things to come 03-14-2005
UN Alternate Spokesman: Annan and Erdogan discussed Cyprus issue 03-14-2005
Polish President to pay official visit to Cyprus 03-11-2005
Cyprus government seeks sincere resumption of negotiations 03-11-2005
Cyprus FM: Every country must set up its own antiterrorism unit 03-11-2005
Greek Deputy Minister calls on Turkey to contribute to Cyprus solution 03-11-2005
Government says Turkish attitude not very European 03-10-2005
DISY leader to meet with Luxembourg's Prime Minister 03-10-2005
Cypriot FM meets with Israeli Deputy Prime Minister 03-10-2005
Missing persons’ issue should be an inviolable condition for Turkey’s EU course 03-10-2005
Luxembourg says Turkey should improve human rights 03-09-2005
Boucher: US policy on recognition of pseudostate not changed in the slightest 03-09-2005
Cyprus government does not rule out meeting with Talat under UN auspices 03-09-2005
G/C and T/C parties stress necessity to strengthen contacts 03-09-2005
Greece's Deputy National Defence Minister to visit Cyprus 03-09-2005
Morphou refugees call on Britain to contribute to Cyprus settlement 03-09-2005
Greek Premier urges Turkey to uphold promises undertaken at EU Council 03-09-2005
Europarliament condemns Turkish repression 03-08-2005
EU Commissioner urges Turkey to sign protocol, pledges more active role on Cyprus 03-08-2005
Cyprus FM: Turkey to recognise Cyprus in order to join EU 03-08-2005
UNHCR pleased with Cyprus' decisions on asylum seekers and refugees 03-08-2005
Cypriot House President to visit Australia 03-08-2005
Greek MPs assure Cypriot President of Greece's support 03-08-2005
Cyprus & Greece to set up joint committee on shipping issues 03-07-2005
Government notes US views on money laundering effort in Cyprus 03-07-2005
Spokesman critical of Talat's positions 03-07-2005
EU Troika shocked by police violence in Istanbul 03-07-2005
Athens and Nicosia working to defend Cyprus' interests 03-07-2005
Justice Minister: US human rights report on Cyprus ''unacceptable'' 03-07-2005
Former UN envoy: federal solution probably the only viable one 03-04-2005
Cyprus-France sign security agreement 03-04-2005
EU Commissioner expects Turkey to fulfil commitments 03-04-2005
Cyprus to use all means to handle US State Department report 03-04-2005
CSE and ASE form common platform for trading 03-04-2005
Cyprus police regret conclusions in State Department report 03-04-2005
US State Department officials for talks at UN 03-03-2005
FCO announces new British High Commissioner to Cyprus 03-03-2005
Cyprus considers US position on weapons in occupied areas “unfair”03-03-2005
Cypriot President: Federation can work only if favourable conditions exist 03-03-2005
Cyprus government welcomes T/C decision for G/C goods 03-03-2005
Cyprus makes strong representation over US human rights report 03-03-2005
Cyprus President: Turkey must sign protocol for accession talks to begin 03-03-2005
Cyprus issues leaflet to protect alien artistes 03-02-2005
Greek Cypriot political parties condemn US report on Cyprus 03-02-2005
Greece pledges unwavering support to Cyprus 03-02-2005
Cypriot party leader expresses gratitute for EPP-ED support 03-02-2005
Greek Cypriot elected new Mayor of Barnet 03-02-2005
Government rejects US claims in human rights report 03-01-2005
EU launches anti-smoking campaign 03-01-2005
Cyprus tops asylum requests according to population size 03-01-2005
Cyprus wants to disassociate trade and funding regulations 03-01-2005
Top drivers to compete in 2005 Cyprus Rally 03-01-2005
Cyprus and EU Constitution on Papadopoulos' Brussels agenda 03-01-2005