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Embassy News Archives - April 2005

Articles Published
Cyprus Defence Minister: Turkish occupation forces show no good will for demining04-28-2005
Cyprus seeks joint border patrols off its northern coast 04-28-2005
Spokesman: US administration follows double-standard policy on Cyprus 04-28-2005
Cyprus insists on disassociating EU regulations 04-28-2005
Cypriot Foreign Minister to pay official visit to Israel 04-28-2005
Cyprus President signs condolences book for Ezer Weizman04-28-2005
EU diplomat underlines Cyprus' contribution to EU Middle East policy04-28-2005
US reiterates support to Annan plan 04-28-2005
Mine clearance in a buffer zone area completed 04-27-2005
Bulgaria and Romania celebrate signing EU Accession Treaty 04-27-2005
EU Commissioner and Luxembourg's Minister Delegate to visit Cyprus 04-27-2005
Miracle icon returned to Lysi Municipality 04-27-2005
Greek Ambassador: No dramatic change in occupied north 04-27-2005
Cyprus Presidential Commissioner resigns 04-27-2005
US official visiting Cyprus - President says this does not signal a new initiative 04-27-2005
Kennedyís visit continuation of US efforts on Cyprus 04-27-2005
Cyprus Ambassador gives speech at Columbia University 04-27-2005
Illegal construction in occupied north tackled with various means 04-26-2005
Cyprus President: success comes when EU principles are at stake 04-26-2005
US high ranking official to visit Cyprus 04-26-2005
Israel rejects reports over official visit to occupied areas 04-26-2005
Cyprus condemns property exploitation in occupied areas 04-25-2005
Turkey not a loyal US ally, says CATO vice president 04-25-2005
KKK-AKEL celebrates 80 years of existence 04-25-2005
President says Cyprus better off for rejecting Annan plan 04-25-2005
Iacovou says Cyprus an obstacle in Turkey's EU course 04-25-2005
Russia assures of its active role on Cyprus 04-22-2005
Austria says Cyprus' reunification must be based on viable agreement 04-22-2005
No blank cheque to Turkey, says Cyprus Spokesman 04-22-2005
EUMC president pays visit to Cyprus 04-22-2005
Cyprus satisfied with EU common position on Turkey 04-21-2005
Cyprus House commemorates Armenian genocide 04-21-2005
Cyprus church to be represented at Pope's inauguration mass 04-21-2005
EU Commission appoints first Cypriot high-ranking official 04-21-2005
Cypriot Government aims at convincing UN SG to launch initiative 04-20-2005
Cypriot political parties agree contacts necessary 04-20-2005
Cyprus President congratulates newly elected Pope 04-20-2005
Commission says list of crossing points extended in Cyprus 04-20-2005
Turkey's non-compliance with Court decision raised in Strasbourg 04-20-2005
Diana Ross to perform in Cyprus 04-20-2005
Russia calls on Talat to help resumption of talks 04-20-2005
Cyprus President completes state visit to Czech Republic 04-20-2005
Local Court orders British couple to demolish house in occupied Cyprus 04-20-2005
Greek premier: Turkey's EU bid depends on Cyprus too 04-20-2005
EU Commissioner Markos Kyprianou's visit the United States 04-19-2005
Spokesman: Cyprus issue not topic for discussion at social encounters 04-19-2005
Cyprus House Speaker: historic mistake to abandon effort for solution 04-19-2005
Cyprus Minister to attend International Conference in Poland 04-19-2005
Greek Deputy Foreign Minister to pay official visit to Cyprus 04-19-2005
EU Constitution to be ratified by Cyprus end of May 04-19-2005
Cyprus and Slovenia sign cooperation protocol 04-19-2005
Britain continues to encourage Cypriot sides for solution 04-18-2005
UN SG welcomes result of voting in Cyprus' occupied north 04-18-2005
Cyprus wishes EU's more active role, says President Papadopoulos 04-18-2005
Cyprus hopes Turkish Cypriots to contribute to settlement 04-18-2005
US congratulates Talat on his victory 04-18-2005
European Commission welcomes Talat's success 04-18-2005
Cyprus Government evaluates results of voting in occupied Cyprus 04-18-2005
Cyprus President on a state visit to Czech Republic 04-18-2005
Cyprus President: Protocol expanding Turkey's Customs Union prepared and agreed 04-18-2005
AHI points out Turkish obligations vis -a-vis Cyprus in view of US aid to Turkey 04-18-2005
MacShane: Unthinkable for Turkey to join EU without recognizing Cyprus 04-15-2005
Cyprus President: A new round of Cyprus talks must be very well prepared 04-15-2005
Cyprus government welcomes CBMs between Greece and Turkey 04-14-2005
Cyprus hosts Conference on European Basketball 04-14-2005
EUMC president to visit Cyprus 04-14-2005
Cyprus President for an official visit to the Czech Republic 04-14-2005
President Papadopoulos says EU involvement on Cyprus gaining ground 04-14-2005
Cypriot President signs book of condolences for Rainier III 04-14-2005
Britain expects positive ideas from President Papadopoulos 04-13-2005
Everything ready for ''All Star Day 2005'', says FIBA Executive Director 04-13-2005
Greek FM pleased with contacts in Turkey 04-13-2005
Spokesman confirms President's visit to Britain 04-13-2005
Cabinet approves Accession Treaty for Romania, Bulgaria 04-13-2005
Turkey to sign customs union protocol but not to recognise Cyprus 04-13-2005
Blomberg to become EU Commission special adviser on Cyprus 04-13-2005
MacShane pledges no Cyprus solution against people's will 04-13-2005
Cyprus EU Commissioner to meet 25 health ministers04-13-2005
Brutal attack against enclaved woman in occupied Cyprus 04-12-2005
Cyprus and India sign cooperation protocol 04-12-2005
President Papadopoulos to pay an official visit to London 04-12-2005
Greek FM stresses need for Cyprus solution 04-12-2005
National Council reaffirms commitment for settlement04-12-2005
China supports just Cyprus settlement 04-11-2005
EU Enlargement Commissioner to visit Cyprus 04-11-2005
Archbishop Iakovos passes away 04-11-2005
Cypriot bakery claims place in Guinness Book of Records 04-11-2005
Cyprus and the United States join forces to combat proliferation of weapons of mass destruction 04-11-2005
Cyprus President: UN plan served foreign interests, was not balanced 04-11-2005
Cyprus and Greece to intensify their economic cooperation 04-08-2005
Flags at half-mast in Cyprus on Pope's funeral 04-07-2005
European Greens to visit Cyprus 04-07-2005
Attorney General stresses significance of European Court decision 04-07-2005
Greek Minister of National Economy to visit Cyprus 04-07-2005
Cyprus asks for EU sea patrols north of the island 04-07-2005
Cyprus pledges to safeguard Turkish Cypriots' right to education 04-07-2005
EU Justice Ministers to discuss social aspects of law, terrorism 04-06-2005
Cyprus and US start 2nd round of talks for WMD agreement 04-06-2005
Cyprus to participate in Mediterranean Games 04-06-2005
Health standard very high, says government 04-05-2005
Signing of protocol also means implementation, says Cyprus government 04-05-2005
Irish Ambassador dismisses Turkish Cypriot press reports 04-05-2005
Vienna Mozart Orchestra to perform in Cyprus 04-05-2005
Russia and Greece discuss prospects for Cyprus solution 04-04-2005
Palestinian & Israeli local authorities meet in Cyprus 04-04-2005
Cyprus President to attend Pope's funeral 04-04-2005
Cyprus-US continue talks on security initiative 04-04-2005
Cyprus will not accept any change of Protocolís text, says FM 04-04-2005
Cyprus and the United States join forces to combat money laundering, terrorism financing 04-04-2005
Boucher: US opposes militarization of Cyprus 04-04-2005
Cyprus:ECHR ruling on Adali proves another human rights violation by Turkey 04-01-2005
Spanish Premier expresses interest in Cyprus' missing persons question 04-01-2005
Cypriot Minister to pay official visit to Egypt 04-01-2005
Cyprus protests to UN over Turkish airspace violations 04-01-2005