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Embassy News Archives - June 2005

Articles Published
Cyprus House ratifies European Constitution06-30-2005
Cypriot House adopts resolution on British Bases 06-30-2005
Cyprus satisfied with Turkey's EU negotiating framework 06-30-2005
Government Spokesman rejects Mr. Talat's claims 06-29-2005
Cyprus House adjourns vote on resolution on British Bases 06-29-2005
Cyprus begins two-day debate on European Constitution 06-29-2005
Arab World ready for reforms, Amr Moussa says 06-29-2005
Cyprus Foreign Minister bids US Ambassador farewell 06-28-2005
New Cypriot Ambassador in Athens presents credentials 06-28-2005
Cyprus and Arab League hold extensive talks in Nicosia 06-28-2005
Choirokoitia - A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1998 06-27-2005
Panagopoulos leaves after five years as Greek Ambassador 06-27-2005
Britain: We expect Turkey to sign protocol soon 06-27-2005
EU Special Advisor for Cyprus arrives for talks 06-27-2005
Keravnos: Cyprus is the 9th largest ship registry worldwide 06-27-2005
Lord Hannay: Cyprus solution depends on Turkey - EU relations 06-27-2005
Cyprus reports Turkish manoeuvres in occupied areas 06-27-2005
US Congressman warns over direct flights to occupied Cyprus06-23-2005
Cyprus government reiterates dedication to fair settlement 06-23-2005
Cyprus ''loukoumi'' in the Guinness Book of Records06-22-2005
China supports Cyprus' territorial integrity and sovereignty06-22-2005
UN Security Council to be briefed on Cyprus06-22-2005
Cyprus protests upgrade of Turkish occupation forces06-22-2005
Brussels talks fail due to Turkish stance06-21-2005
Cypriot President to hold talks with British Premier06-21-2005
Russia supports just solution of Cyprus problem06-21-2005
EU presidency finalising compromise formula on budget 06-17-2005
EU leaders discuss financial perspective for 2007-2013 06-17-2005
Cyprus President to visit London - Paris 06-17-2005
Greek-American leaders call for withdrawal of Turkish troops 06-17-2005
Cypriot President: Nicosia supports continuation of ratification process 06-17-2005
Cyprus and US reach agreement on WMD non-proliferation efforts06-16-2005
Cypriot President says Turkish Cypriots negative at EU meeting 06-16-2005
European Council to deal with crucial issues 06-16-2005
Annual Cyprus Conference begins in Washington 06-16-2005
Talks on EU regulations end without result 06-16-2005
Cyprus rejects reports about embassy in Ankara 06-16-2005
UN Security Council renews UNFICYP mandate unamimously 06-16-2005
Members of Congress warn colleagues about direct flights06-15-2005
OPCW workshop in Cyprus on Chemical Weapons Convention 06-15-2005
Political parties note need for dialogue on Cyprus problem 06-15-2005
Cypriot FM pleased with protocol approval 06-13-2005
EU approves Turkey's customs union additional protocol 06-13-2005
OPCW workshop in Cyprus on Chemical Weapons Convention 06-13-2005
Cyprus: ''Paradoxy'' among primary neat contributors to EU budget, says Minister 06-13-2005
Commissioner Kyprianou launches “Help” campaign in Cyprus 06-13-2005
First services after 1974 at church of founder of Church of Cyprus 06-13-2005
Cyprus EU Consumer Centre inaugurated by Commissioner Kyprianou 06-10-2005
Defence Minister:Turkish occupation army continues to upgrade hardware 06-10-2005
Cyprus FM: Protocol will be immediately endorsed 06-10-2005
Cyprus expects 30,000 tourists from China this year 06-10-2005
Cyprus makes representations over UNSG's statement 06-10-2005
Cyprus and EIB sign agreement for loan worth 80m euros 06-10-2005
UN SG and Turkish Premier discuss Cyprus 06-10-2005
Egyptian Minister arrives in Cyprus for official visit 06-09-2005
Cyprus represented at OSCE Conference on intolerance 06-09-2005
Cyprus welcomes CoE Ministers' resolution condemning Turkey 06-08-2005
Cyprus says Turkey violated agreement with EU 06-08-2005
G/C and T/C political parties examine settlers’ issue 06-08-2005
Russian FM: Cyprus solution must not be imposed 06-08-2005
Claire Palley: Turkey must solve the Cyprus question 06-08-2005
Cyprus can seek concessions from Turkey, says British diplomat 06-08-2005
Britain warns citizens of risks in property deals in occupied Cyprus 06-07-2005
DISY and TKP stress the need for resumption of Cyprus talks 06-07-2005
Emma Shapplin in Cyprus for two concerts 06-07-2005
Cypriot official confirms reinforcement of Turkish occupation troops06-07-2005
Cyprus government's initial reaction to UN report 06-07-2005
Cypriot government sees change of direction in Turkey's policy 06-07-2005
Greek Cypriot claims over half million damages from Turkey 06-07-2005
Kofi Annan recommends renewal of UNFICYP mandate 06-07-2005
Cyprus' contribution to EU budget reaches 157m euros 06-07-2005
Cyprus and Italy share views on common concerns 06-06-2005
Cypriot government says Turkey must clarify stance 06-06-2005
US Ambassador welcomes actions by Cyprus government against trafficking in persons06-06-2005
Russian FM to visit Cyprus 06-06-2005
Cyprus President: Too early to talk about a new process on Cyprus 06-06-2005
Cyprus President says parties interested in a Cyprus settlement should clarify stance 06-06-2005
Cyprus tops GSSE medals list 06-06-2005
Australian envoy conveys message of encouragement to Cyprus06-06-2005
State Department's report on Cyprus' anti-trafficking efforts 06-06-2005
16th Cyprus Conference to take place mid-June in Washington 06-03-2005
UN diplomat discusses Cyprus with Greek government officials 06-03-2005
Italian FM to visit Cyprus 06-03-2005
Cyprus President dismisses Turkish reports as ''imaginary'' 06-03-2005
Russian envoy: talks initiative must come from Cyprus parties 06-03-2005
Papadopoulos: not easy to make corrective moves on EU Constitution 06-03-2005
Cyprus tops medals list at GSSE games 06-03-2005
Spokesman rejects Congressman Whitfield's statements 06-02-2005
Cyprus solution through substantive negotiations, says EU Left 06-02-2005
Cyprus protests upgrading of Turkish troops with US-made weapons 06-02-2005
Cyprus respects fully result of Dutch vote on EU Constitution 06-02-2005
Australia keen on seeing a Cyprus settlement 06-02-2005
A unique collection of prints by Goya are on display in Nicosia 06-01-2005
Parties and MP merge to form European Party 06-01-2005
Cypriot Spokesman says all should respect rules of conduct 06-01-2005
GUE/NGL ''Study Days'' conference opens in Cyprus 06-01-2005
UN Envoy leaves Cyprus with "concrete suggestions" 06-01-2005