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Embassy News Archives - August 2005

Articles Published
Cypriot Foreign Minister departs for meetings with counterparts08-26-2005
Cyprus Speaker to take part in IPU summit in New York08-26-2005
Congress of Overseas Cypriots continues with PSEKA deliberations08-26-2005
Chinese Alternate Minister of Health to pay official visit to Cyprus 08-26-2005
Foreign Minister says Cyprus has two aims on Turkish EU bid08-24-2005
Cyprus President asks EU experts to thoroughly investigate air crash08-24-2005
Overseas Cypriots meet in Limassol08-24-2005
President Papadopoulos: No concessions on Cyprus solution08-23-2005
Chinese FM believes Cyprus solution should benefit all Cypriots08-23-2005
More bodies in Helios plane air tragedy to be flown home tonight08-22-2005
CY brings back victims, injured and relatives from Sharm El Sheikh08-22-2005
Health Minister: support system for relatives of victims drafted08-22-2005
Bishop Nikiforos pledges church aid to orphans of recent disasters08-22-2005
Post Mortem on air crash victims to conclude today08-22-2005
Chinese Foreign Minister to pay official visit to Cyprus 08-22-2005
National Council to meet Monday08-20-2005
List of dead, injured in Sharm el-Sheikh accident announced08-19-2005
Cypriot tourists dead in Sharm el-Sheikh bus crash08-19-2005
Cyprus Foreign Ministry welcomes Israeli withdrawal from Gaza08-19-2005
No toxic fumes detected in crash victims, voice recorder found08-19-2005
Cyprus and Greece reconfirm policy on Cyprus problem08-18-2005
US President sends a message of condolences to President Papadopoulos08-18-2005
Cyprus and Greece coordinate action on crash08-18-2005
Cyprus President continues meetings in Athens 08-18-2005
Condolences continue as Cypriots begin burying victims08-17-2005
Papadopoulos flies to Athens for talks with Karamanlis08-17-2005
Autopsies continue in Helios Airways air crash 08-16-2005
President Papadopoulos vows full investigation in Helios Airways crash08-16-2005
Clues Sought to Cause of Puzzling Air Crash in Greece08-16-2005
Helios Airways air crash - US State Department - Condolences08-16-2005
Helios Airways air crash - Helios Executive Director-Press conference08-15-2005
Helios Airways air crash - Communications Minister- Chief of Police08-15-2005
Cyprus stunned by plane tragedy 08-15-2005
A Cyprus coin is 'finest in the world'08-14-2005
Helios Airways air crash - US embassy offers condolences08-14-2005
Helios Airways air crash-Turkish Cypriot leader expresses condolences08-14-2005
Helios Airways air crash - Cyprus President 08-14-2005
Op-ed on PSI co-authored by the US and Cyprus 08-13-2005
Excavations in Cyprus reveal late Roman and early Byzantine workshops08-13-2005
Second phase of buffer zone demining project launched08-12-2005
US welcomes demining08-12-2005
ICAO position on illegal flights to occupied areas remains unchanged08-11-2005
Progress on Missing Persons in Cyprus issue08-11-2005
Cypriot FM says Mr. Talat has revealed his true positions on Cyprus issue08-11-2005
U.S. researcher in mission anew for Atlantis in Cyprus08-11-2005
French government conveyed position on Turkey to Cyprus08-10-2005
Cyprus Spokesman: Turkey had no right to make declaration08-10-2005
EU commissioner urges UN to push ahead with Cyprus talks 08-09-2005
Government to proceed with demining along buffer zone08-08-2005
US administration distanced from visit to occupied north, says FM 08-08-2005
Cypriot House President expresses regret over Robin Cook's death08-08-2005
Famagusta refugees demand their return to their hometown08-08-2005
US Congressional staffers fly directly to illegal airport in occupied Cyprus08-08-2005
G/C and T/C politicians to continue meetings despite different views08-05-2005
Cyprus government satisfied over demining in Nicosia buffer zone08-05-2005
Israeli flagged ships anchor in Cyprus after security threat08-05-2005
Cypriot FM in Riyadh to express condolences for King's death08-05-2005
Cyprus Airways among best European airlines08-05-2005
Commission announces decision to open new crossing points in Cyprus08-04-2005
Cyprus government: French Premier's statement on Turkey-EU ''particularly positive''08-04-2005
Anorthosis returns to a hero's welcome08-04-2005
Congressman Menendez submits resolution urging Turkey to recognise Cyprus08-04-2005
Spokesman says Turkey obliged to recognise Cyprus08-03-2005
US Senator: EU must demand Cyprus solution before Turkey's accession08-03-2005
Senator Snowe expresses concerns regarding US Congressional travel to occupied northern Cyprus 08-02-2005
Cyprus and Britain agree on issues concerning EU economic development 08-02-2005
US seeks Cyprus solution on Annan plan basis08-02-2005
Cyprus and Botswana finalise diplomatic relations 08-01-2005
Cyprus hopes Azerbaijan will review decision on direct flights 08-01-2005
Cyprus government not satisfied with EU Presidency's statement08-01-2005
Rhen: Implementation of protocol is essential by Turkey08-01-2005
Cypriot President: Committed to work for real reunification of island08-01-2005
Cyprus remembers Makarios III 08-01-2005
Greece says Turkey insisting on political bizarreness08-01-2005
Cyprus government regrets deeply the unilateral declaration by Turkey 08-01-2005