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Embassy News Archives - November 2005

Articles Published
Property ownership in occupied Cyprus integral part of a solution11-30-2005
President Papadopoulos meets with Irish Premier11-30-2005
President Papadopoulos opens Cypriot exhibition in Irish Museum11-30-2005
President Papadopoulos: UNSG will start new initiative for Cyprus11-29-2005
Defence Minister: Cyprus government decision was right11-29-2005
UNFICYP remains engaged in solving Ledra Street crossing point issue11-29-2005
President Papadopoulos welcomes CHOGM 2005 communique on Cyprus 11-28-2005
Cyprus donates 50 thousand dollars to quake stricken Pakistan11-28-2005
Cyprus re-elected in IMO Council11-28-2005
President Papadopoulos: Measures from occupied north are illegal11-28-2005
Cyprus very satisfied with CHOGM 2005 draft communique11-28-2005
President Papadopoulos to pay official visit to Ireland next week 11-28-2005
Greek Cypriots attended Turkish Cypriot politician's funeral 11-28-2005
EU tells Turkey there are no shortcuts to Europe11-23-2005
ECHR condemns Turkey over G/C manís murder11-23-2005
Cyprus Spokesman: Annan Plan is basis for negotiations11-23-2005
Cypriot President expresses sorrow over the death of T/C politician11-23-2005
Vice President of Russian Duma arrives to Cyprus 11-23-2005
Camps on Cyprus May Have Belonged to Earliest Open-Water Seafarers11-22-2005
Cypriot Spokesman says Annan plan will not be the same11-22-2005
Britain respects Greek Cypriots' choice on Annan Plan11-22-2005
Cyprus FM attends Commonwealth Foreign Ministers Meeting11-22-2005
Cyprus: Britain should work on Luxembourg proposal on regulations11-22-2005
Cyprus signs Balkan battle group for EU11-22-2005
Foreign Office spokesman: No change in British policy on pseudostate11-22-2005
Cyprus President: UN and others plan to take steps for Cyprus11-22-2005
Government ready to open Ledras Street, says Acting Spokesman 11-18-2005
Cypriot Justice Minister calls for balance between combating terrorism & human rights11-18-2005
Cyprus to fulfill EMU criteria by end of 200511-17-2005
Cyprus to offer humanitarian assistance to Romania11-17-2005
The 8th UEFA Youth Conference takes places in Cyprus from 29 November until 1st of December11-16-2005
Cyprus President is ready to negotiate under UN auspices, says T/C politician11-16-2005
House President appeals to international community11-16-2005
Cyprus condemns 22nd anniversary of declaration of secessionist entity11-15-2005
Cypriot President pledges to continue cooperating in Turkey's EU path11-15-2005
Spokesman: Turkish efforts to permanently divide Cyprus will fail 11-15-2005
UNDP ''Action for Cooperation and Trust'' initiative launched 11-15-2005
Cyprus President hopes a new UN initiative will bring agreement11-15-2005
Cypriot Foreign Minister says UN plans do not evaporate11-15-2005
Cypriot President expresses condolences to King of Jordan11-11-2005
World War victims remembered in Cyprus 11-11-2005
T/C leader wants wire fence replaced by a dividing wall in Cyprus11-11-2005
Senator Sarbanes asks US Ambassador-Designate to Nicosia for transparency and consultation with Cyprus Government11-10-2005
Serdar Denktash: "Turkish troops will not leave Cyprus"11-10-2005
Cyprus welcomes European Commissionís report on Turkey11-10-2005
Cyprus government condemns Amman attacks11-10-2005
Cyprus government congratulates AEL on triumph over Fenerbahce11-10-2005
Rehn: Turkey's commitments on Cyprus not negotiable11-09-2005
AHI sends letter to Senators regarding new US Ambassador11-09-2005
Cyprus and Greece reject Turkish allegations 11-09-2005
Cyprus anticipates EU-Turkey partnership document11-08-2005
Cyprus committed to EU efforts to safeguard democracy11-08-2005
France says Cyprus problem in UN hands11-08-2005
US Senator disapproves State Department's decision to meet with Turkish Cypriot leader11-08-2005
Cypriot Speaker meets Greek PM11-07-2005
Finance Ministry prepares action programme on Lisbon Strategy11-07-2005
Union of Cyprus Journalists proposes T/C for UNESCO prize11-07-2005
Cypriot Speaker: Talks should end in an agreed solution11-07-2005
Papadopoulos sees better international climate for Cyprus11-07-2005
President Papadopoulos wraps up official visit to France11-07-2005
Cyprus FM: Turkey encourages illegal immigration to Cyprus 11-07-2005
EU to call Turkey to support efforts for a Cyprus settlement11-04-2005
Cyprus and France to set up a structured dialogue 11-04-2005
France could help Cyprus develop various sectors, says Papadopoulos11-04-2005
Cyprus solution must be acceptable to majority on both sides, says US11-04-2005
Papadopoulos - Chirac meet in Paris11-04-2005
France wants EU to take more strict position with Turkey11-03-2005
Cyprus set to join Euro zone by Jan. 1, 200811-03-2005
CoE Congress to discuss local democracy in Cyprus and Turkey11-03-2005
Turkey violates human rights in Cyprus, says Ambassador to UN11-03-2005
Cyprus President: US stance unclear11-03-2005
G/C and T/C political parties exchanged views on Cyprus problem11-02-2005
First Europe Direct Information Centre opens11-02-2005
Cyprus Republic ratifies EU Constitution Treaty11-02-2005
CEMR seminar organized in Cyprus11-02-2005
Cypriot tennis player Marcos Baghdatis ranks 55th in the world11-01-2005
British diplomat: EU must play important role in Cyprus solution11-01-2005
Cyprus and Estonia sign cooperation protocol11-01-2005
Cypriot Spokesman says Talat's statements on EU mischievous11-01-2005
Cyprus government condemns bombing attacks in New Delhi11-01-2005