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Embassy News Archives - December 2005

Articles Published
Papadopoulos: No greater vision than the reunification of Cyprus 12-30-2005
US supports Cyprus talks under UN auspices leading to agreed solution12-30-2005
The Art of Woodcarving in Cyprus12-29-2005
Cyprus to host ASEM interfaith forum12-29-2005
Famagusta municipality welcomes European Court ruling on Turkey12-29-2005
Members of Congress call on US administration to discourage citizens from entering Cyprus illegally12-27-2005
Chinese Ambassador says Cyprus and China share common interests12-27-2005
Cyprus Foreign Minister calls on Turkey to meet EU obligations12-27-2005
Cypriot organisations agree to promote joint activities12-27-2005
European Court finds Turkey guilty of violating Greek Cypriot's property-related rights12-22-2005
US Congressmen express disappointment with Rice-Talat meeting12-22-2005
Cypriot Arts and Crafts: Weaving12-22-2005
Cyprus sends humanitarian aid to Pakistan12-20-2005
Property ''law'' political rather than legal, says FM Permanent Secretary 12-20-2005
New US Ambassador to Nicosia pledges to work for a just, lasting settlement that both sides can endorse 12-20-2005
Cyprus welcomes the smooth carrying out of elections in Iraq12-20-2005
Cyprus continues representations regarding Cherie Blair's actions 12-19-2005
OA Boeing takes off to re-enact deadly Helios flight12-19-2005
President Papadopoulos says Cherie Blair's actions provocative12-19-2005
President Papadopoulos says EU budget agreement improved for Cyprus12-19-2005
Astromeritis crossing point to close for six weeks12-16-2005
US Congressman Rob Andrews introduces draft resolution on Cyprus12-16-2005
Blair Spokesman: Issues remain difficult at EU Council12-16-2005
EU presidency puts forward revised budget proposal12-14-2005
Cyprus condemns assassination of Lebanese journalist12-14-2005
US Embassy denies Turkish press reports of possible recognition of occupation regime 12-14-2005
Cyprus: Holocaust cannot be denied12-14-2005
UNSC discusses resolution on renewal of UNFICYP's mandate12-14-2005
Silversmithing in Cyprus is an ancient art12-13-2005
Cyprus President: Gambari's letter confirmation of UN positions 12-13-2005
Cyprus President: EU Turkey partnership relation satisfying12-13-2005
Cyprus President: EU Turkey partnership relation satisfying12-13-2005
EU calls on Turkey to fulfill obligations towards Cyprus12-12-2005
Cyprus taking all measures to contribute in fight against terrorism12-12-2005
UN: Construction at Ledra Street should cease12-12-2005
Chrysostomides proposes joint forum to draft constitution12-12-2005
Good management of fisheries in Cyprus, says EU Commissioner12-12-2005
Helios air crash reconstruction in December, says investigators12-12-2005
Indian President expresses hope for a Cyprus solution 12-12-2005
Cyprus plays a significant role in the area, says US Ambassador 12-12-2005
Speaker: Association of regulation with Varosha good development12-09-2005
EU Commissioner: Implementation of Customs Union by Turkey is important 12-09-2005
Koumoutsakos: Possible loss of funds does not worry Turkish Cypriots12-09-2005
Committee denounces illegal excavations in occupied Cyprus 12-09-2005
Cyprus government proposes "way forward" as UNFICYP says Turkish works at Ledra Street must cease12-08-2005
Hala Sultan Tekke restoration works are now completed12-08-2005
Government proposes ''way forward'' for Ledra street12-08-2005
UNFICYP will not proceed with opening Ledra Street, reports say 12-07-2005
IMF delegation in Cyprus to survey economy12-07-2005
Cyprus says US remarks prove Greek Cypriot efforts for settlement12-07-2005
Spokesman lists organisations blocked to Cyprus by Turkey12-07-2005
Cyprus supports efforts for sovereign-independent Palestinian state12-07-2005
US: A Cyprus settlement can be reached with commitment and goodwill12-07-2005
War and Cultural Heritage: Cyprus After the 1974 Turkish Invasion12-07-2005
Cyprus joins European Defense Alliance12-07-2005
Cyprus House President meets with French MPs12-06-2005
Papadopoulos: Turkish forces build bridge of separation in buffer zone12-06-2005
Cypriot FM warns Turkey over Open Skies veto on Cyprus12-06-2005
Cypriot to represent Europe to Lions International Board of Directors 12-06-2005
Cyprus to host Commonwealth training-of-trainers programs in combating terrorism12-06-2005
UNMOVIC office to continue operating in Cyprus12-05-2005
Cyprus President: Turkish occupation forces violate buffer zone12-05-2005
Cypriot Finance Minister departs for ECOFIN meeting12-05-2005
Cyprus not to apply for NATO membership yet12-05-2005
Ledra Street issue to be on Security Council's agenda12-02-2005
Cyprus government satisfied with content of UN SG report12-02-2005
Greek and Turkish Cypriot parties call for new ideas on Cyprus12-02-2005
De-mining to start in Nicosia locations on 5 December 12-02-2005
Cyprus Russia review visa agreement12-02-2005
UNSG: UNFICYP presence still necessary in Cyprus12-01-2005
Cyprus to host Interfaith forum12-01-2005