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Embassy News Archives - January 2006

Articles Published
Putin: Russia's policy regarding Cyprus problem remains unchanged 01-31-2006
Frattini pledges to do everything possible over illegal immigration01-31-2006
WHO expert to visit Cyprus following bird flu cases in occupied areas01-31-2006
Cypriot Minister to participate in Microsoft Forum01-31-2006
President Papadopoulos: No reason to panic over bird flu 01-31-2006
EU bird flu experts begin work in Turkish occupied areas 01-30-2006
AP interview: Ambassador says Washington shouldn't discount Cyprus when supporting Turkey01-30-2006
Deadly influenza virus detected in occupied Cyprus 01-30-2006
President Papadopoulos congratulates Baghdatis01-30-2006
Spokesman says new UN initiative after parliamentary elections01-27-2006
Cyprus-France relations meeting takes place in Limassol01-27-2006
Archbishop Demetrios continues visit to Cyprus01-27-2006
President says UN chief to send envoy to Cyprus after elections01-27-2006
House President says US reaction to Turkish proposals was expected01-27-2006
Greece - Britain discuss Cyprus, Turkish proposals01-27-2006
Unseeded Cypriot through to Australian Open final01-26-2006
Archbishop Demetrios: Conditions of Cyprus problem must be changed01-26-2006
Cyprus government brings up again proposals for Famagusta port and two-way trade 01-26-2006
Cyprus asks Straw to convey to Ankara its objection to Gul's proposals 01-25-2006
Archbishop of America moved by Cyprus visit01-25-2006
Straw: UN efforts for Cyprus settlement have to run parallel with EU01-25-2006
Straw meets Iacovou amid protests01-25-2006
UN - US to study Turkish proposal on Cyprus01-25-2006
Traditional pottery in Cyprus is an ancient art01-25-2006
Cyprus President: nothing new in Turkish proposal on Cyprus01-24-2006
Cypriot tennis player advances to the Australian Open semifinals01-24-2006
Archbishop of America arrives to Cyprus 01-24-2006
Cyprus Communications Minister meets EU Commissioner Barrot01-24-2006
Cyprus condemns Tel Aviv suicide attack01-24-2006
Greece says Ankara to table thoughts on Cyprus01-23-2006
Russia pledges to continue playing important role in Cyprus01-23-2006
Baghdatis to face Croat Ljubicic in Australian Open quarterfinals01-23-2006
US: Press report of a naval base in Turkish occupied areas untrue01-23-2006
US Ambassador pays first visit to Interior Minister 01-23-2006
Swedish parliamentary delegation to visit Cyprus01-23-2006
Archbishop of America: US efforts for a Cyprus solution to continue 01-23-2006
Cypriot President meets Partiarch of Moscow 01-23-2006
Cyprus to host Digital Ship Cyprus Conference01-23-2006
Cypriot President congratulates Cypriot tennis player Baghdatis01-20-2006
Agreements between Russia and Cyprus on visa policy come into force01-20-2006
Cyprus President arrives in Moscow for working visit01-20-2006
Cyprus and US to implement Agreement on Extradition 01-20-2006
Health and hospital statistics for the year 2004 01-20-2006
Greek Premier briefs Chinese President on Cyprus01-20-2006
Eurocontrol - Cyprus cooperation to implement agreement01-20-2006
Cyprus President: No meeting with Straw01-18-2006
Cyprus government to provide electricity to occupied north 01-18-2006
EC Representation: no EU role in setting up UNDP Trust Fund for TCs01-18-2006
Missing persons relatives send letter to new UNSG's representative 01-18-2006
Straw's visit to take place as planned, says London01-17-2006
Britain continues to warn of risks in purchase of property in occupied area01-17-2006
Former Cypriot hostage meets Foreign Minister01-17-2006
Justice Minister cautions Turkey over illegal immigrants01-17-2006
Mathiatis mine excavation project a success01-17-2006
Cyprus implementing measures against bird flu 01-17-2006
Ireland seeks to further enhance its good relations with Cyprus01-17-2006
Commerce Minister New Government Spokesman01-17-2006
UN official apologetic over UNDP fund01-17-2006
Cyprus President ready for talks “tomorrow”01-17-2006
Cypriot center breaks world record in kidney transplants01-15-2006
UNDP says TF activities for T/Cs subject to consultations with Cyprus 01-13-2006
Cyprus and Britain continue consultations on Straw's visit01-13-2006
Irish parliamentary delegation to visit Cyprus01-13-2006
Standard and Poor's team meets with Central Bank Governor of Cyprus01-11-2006
Cyprus is ready to introduce the Euro, says Finance Minister and IMF official 01-10-2006
British High Commissioner: the time for dialogue has come01-10-2006
Cyprus government pursues cooperation with Turkey on bird flu 01-10-2006
G/C side ready to look into all potentials for the resumption of new initiative01-10-2006
British MP condemns Cherie Blair’s involvement in property case01-10-2006
Spokesman says Cyprus continues struggle to recover cultural heritage01-10-2006
Cyprus ICT one of the most effective of the EU New Member States01-09-2006
Cyprus decides to ban duck-hunting to prevent bird flu01-09-2006
Belgian FM: Cyprus settlement a precondition for Turkey's EU accession 01-09-2006
Cypriot government expects Britain to respect its sensitivities01-09-2006
Cyprus Minister: No reason of concern regarding birdflu01-06-2006
Cyprus FM wishes Sharon a speedy recovery 01-05-2006
New UNFICYP Head of Mission in Cyprus assumes office01-04-2006
Spokesman: We favour freedom of settlement throughout Cyprus01-04-2006
Rotary International President says Cyprus sets example 01-04-2006
Austrian EU Presidency calls on Turkey to respect customs union agreement with Cyprus01-04-2006
Cyprus President denounces Turkish army leader's "security" threats01-03-2006
Occupation regime frees G/C Euro MP 01-02-2006
Cyprus ports to get a face-lift!01-02-2006
European Parliament to be briefed on Matsakis' illegal detention01-02-2006
Cypriot hostage in Iraq released01-02-2006
Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos' message for the New Year 01-02-2006
Archbishop Demetrios to pay official visit to Cyprus01-02-2006