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Embassy News Archives - March 2006

Articles Published
Britain says Turkey must implement protocol03-31-2006
Cyprus Finance Minister says fiscal deficit below 2% of GDP on 200603-31-2006
Cyprus welcomes EU Enlargement Commissioner's warning to Turkey03-29-2006
Astromeritis-Zodhia crossing point to re-open03-29-2006
Near total eclipse of the sun in Cyprus03-29-2006
Cypriot Communications Minister meets with EUROCONTROL Director General03-29-2006
First Technological University schools to open in September 200703-28-2006
Cyprus FM meets with Arab counterparts03-28-2006
US official supports technical committees on Cyprus 03-28-2006
UN SG and Greek FM discuss Cyprus question03-28-2006
Slovenian President urges Turkey to fulfill its EU obligations 03-27-2006
Cyprus says Turkey's cooperation in air traffic can solve problems03-27-2006
Cyprus President wants to discuss humanitarian issues with T/C leader03-27-2006
Cyprus celebrates Greek independence03-27-2006
Cypriot FM to attend Arab League summit03-27-2006
Papadopoulos: EU leaders set more realistic and ambitious goals 03-24-2006
Cyprus clinches second gold medal in Commonwealth Games03-24-2006
Rice and Bakoyannis discuss Cyprus question03-24-2006
Papadopoulos: EU funds to be allocated to Turkish Cypriots though Republic 03-24-2006
Cyprus says Greece will convey positions to US03-23-2006
Veteran journalist touches on Turkey's looting of culture in Cyprus 03-23-2006
Greek FM speaks about Turkey's obligations towards the EU as she travels to the US03-22-2006
Cyprus and Athens stock exchanges delay common platform 03-22-2006
Cyprus President: Turkey has explicit obligations towards the EU03-22-2006
Cypriot Speaker: Erdogan’s statements are part of Turkish dogma03-21-2006
France thanks Cyprus for contributing in maritime safety03-21-2006
Cyprus honors Irishman Gerry O’ Sullivan 03-21-2006
European Commission ready to discuss aid implementation03-21-2006
An ancient sarcophagus with vivid color illustrations from Homer's poems was unearthed in Cyprus03-20-2006
Cypriot government ready to implement Paris agreement03-20-2006
Spokesman: EU aid regulation defines way to channel money to TCs03-20-2006
US will not recognize illegal regime in occupied Cyprus03-20-2006
Cyprus continuing measures against avian influenza03-20-2006
US Senators send letter to Secretary Rice on direct trade with Turkish-occupied area of Cyprus03-20-2006
Government says substance should be on agenda of Cyprus talks03-17-2006
House President satisfied with European Parliament resolution03-17-2006
European Parliament calls on Turkey to fulfill obligations related to Cyprus03-16-2006
Finnish Premier: Turkey must fulfill all EU criteria before accession03-16-2006
Greece: Developments regarding Cyprus do not have a unilateral character03-16-2006
Cyprus President relies on UNSG for preparation of talks, as Turkey reacts negatively towards the UN's Special Representative 03-16-2006
Ambassador Schlicher says US support Cyprus process03-15-2006
Annan speaks with Turkish FM about Paris meetings03-15-2006
Finnish Premier to pay official visit to Cyprus03-14-2006
ECOFIN issues positive decision on Cyprus03-14-2006
Cypriot President briefs National Council03-14-2006
British MPs express concern over Turkish proposals in Early Day Motion03-14-2006
Cypriot Finance Minister in Brussels for ECOFIN meeting03-13-2006
Cyprus President renews commitment to Commonwealth03-13-2006
CY pilots end their 24-hour strike03-13-2006
Bakoyiannis: Greece supports Turkey's European perspective03-13-2006
Omeriye Ottoman Baths receive Europa Nostra award03-13-2006
Cyprus Ambassador welcomes Senator Snowe's remarks on efforts to reunify Cyprus03-11-2006
Rehn's position towards Turkey correct, says President Papadopoulos03-10-2006
Turkey should meet its Cyprus-related commitments, says EU Enlargement Commissioner03-09-2006
Former Turkish Cypriot leader provocatively claims 03-09-2006
Austria to support progress made during Paris meeting on Cyprus03-08-2006
Greek Premier: Paris meeting was a “positive development”03-08-2006
UNFICYP Force Commander reports for duty03-08-2006
Finnish Prime Minister to pay official visit to Cyprus 03-08-2006
The Alleged "Isolation" of Turkish Cypriots03-08-2006
Ancient Cypriots fed olive oil to furnaces03-08-2006
Report on ''Tourism Statistics'' issued 03-07-2006
Cyprus President hopes reunification talks will begin the soonest03-07-2006
EP Contact Group with T/Cs welcomes signals from Annan-Papadopoulos meeting03-07-2006
Russia deems “positive” Paris meeting03-07-2006
Turkey's stance against Cypriot ships contrary to European law03-07-2006
Moller holds meetings with senior UN officials abroad03-07-2006
US Congress members welcome outcome of Papadopoulos-Annan meeting03-03-2006
Cypriot FM: Turkey should rise to the height of circumstances03-03-2006
Cyprus & Croatia agree to further strengthen cooperation 03-03-2006
US and UN officials discuss situation in Cyprus 03-03-2006
Greece and Romania take honors in Cyprus tournament03-02-2006
Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots decide to increase efforts towards peace03-02-2006
UN official in Washington for Cyprus talks03-02-2006
Cypriot Minister addresses conference on funding developing countries03-01-2006
Serbian President to visit Cyprus03-01-2006
European Commission welcomes Papadopoulos-Annan meeting03-01-2006
Germany donates 100,000 euros to CMP in Cyprus03-01-2006