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Embassy News Archives - February 2007

Articles Published
Cyprus and Greece discuss oil explorations issue02-22-2007
Cyprus religious representatives meet02-22-2007
Cyprus House President says solution should meet interests of both communities02-22-2007
ICAO praises Cyprus’ air traffic services02-22-2007
Cyprus is trying to stop extinction of endangered vulture species02-22-2007
Cyprus launches first round of oil exploration licenses 02-15-2007
Action on Cyprus talks depends on goodwill, says Spokesman02-15-2007
Lebanon’s experience is focus of crisis management seminar02-15-2007
European Commission receives Cyprus’ Eurozone application02-15-2007
Two artists – a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot – will represent Cyprus at Venice's 52nd Biennale of Contemporary Art, to take place from 10 June-21 November 200702-15-2007
Cyprus condemns Turkish threats over oil exploration rights02-08-2007
Occupied Famagusta port should open with simultaneous return of lawful inhabitants02-08-2007
Cyprus to host CoE seminar on combating human trafficking02-08-2007
China assures of same policy on Cyprus issue02-08-2007
It’s Carnival time in Cyprus and this year’s King Carnival is dressed as King of Love02-08-2007
Cyprus’ tourism revenue recorded a rise in 200602-01-2007
US, UK position on Cyprus’ rights is correct, says Foreign Minister02-01-2007
Cyprus reports Turkish provocations to UN and EU 02-01-2007
Armenians in Cyprus condemn Hrant Dink's assassination02-01-2007
Cyprus to maintain leading role in shipping, says Minister02-01-2007
An exhibition on the history of theater in Cyprus is on display at coastal Limassol02-01-2007