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Embassy News Archives - August 2007

Articles Published
Talat agrees to discuss July accord with President Papadopoulos08-30-2007
US pleased with the arrangement of Papadopoulos – Talat meeting08-30-2007
Cyprus mission largest among international fire fighting teams in Greece08-30-2007
Cypriot athlete secures bronze medal at World Athletics Championships08-30-2007
Cyprus hosts World Shooting Championships08-30-2007
Papadopoulos – Talat to meet September 508-23-2007
Bicommunal political party meetings positive, says Slovak Ambassador08-23-2007
Cabinet to evaluate private universities assessment report08-23-2007
Excavations in Politiko-Troullia open new archaeological window08-23-2007
Cyprus University of Technology to open officially on September 8 08-23-2007
President Papadopoulos calls on UN to arrange meeting with leader of Turkish-Cypriot community under provisions of July 8th 2006 Agreement 08-16-2007
Cyprus Internet TV 08-16-2007
Cyprus’s Archbishop condemns Turkey for refusing his visit to Ecumenical Patriach Bartholomew08-16-2007
China's continuous support for a just solution of the Cyprus problem08-16-2007
Great interest for hydrocarbon exploration in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone08-16-2007
Tuesday marked the 33rd commemoration of the 2nd phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus08-16-2007
Video: Ceremony marking the extension agreement between US and Cyprus to protect Cypriot archaeological and ethnological artifacts08-15-2007
US Ambassador affirms legality of Cyprus' actions towards oil exploration08-09-2007
Russian official says Cyprus settlement would contribute to stability08-09-2007
More identifications of remains of missing expected08-09-2007
Bills in US Congress call on Turkey to end its occupation of Cyprus08-09-2007
Oldest silk fibres found at Limassol dig08-09-2007
Greek President visits Cyprus08-02-2007
Cyprus calls Turkish military role unfortunate08-02-2007
Cyprus' economy is growing at a positive rate08-02-2007
Greek Foreign Minister: Turkish side delays progress08-02-2007
Excavations uncover new data on ancient kingdom of Paphos08-01-2007