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2017-06-13 10:54:40

Cypriot Cultural Summer Festival in Toronto

The Cypriot Community of Toronto Inc., a non-profit organization has as objectives to maintain and promote the Cypriot cultural heritage. Its focus is education and recognition of youth’s academic achievements, by granting scholarships and sponsoring various educational and sporting events. It also provides humanitarian and financial support to those needs. Its Board of Directors organizes various functions throughout the year in an effort to raise funds for the fulfillment of their activities, including the annual fundraising event, Cypriot Cultural Summer Festival.

You can join this year’s Cypriot Cultural Summer Festival on Saturday, 24 June 2017, and Sunday, June 25 2017 at the Community Centre, 6 Thorncliff Park Drive, Toronto, ON m4H 1H1.

The Festival will feature a spectacular program of music, arts and Greek/Cypriot Folk dancing performers.

Those who wish to support the noble efforts of Cypriot Community of Toronto Inc. can use this link.

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