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Links on Cyprus in the World Wide Web

House of Representatives

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Finance
Statistical Service
Department of Customs and Excise and VAT Service
Cyprus Academy of Public Administration

Ministry of the Interior
The Press and Information Office
The Citizen's Charter

Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
Cyprus Productivity Centre
Department of Social Welfare Services
Department of Labour Inspection
Higher Tecnological Institute
Department of Labour

Ministry of Defence
National Guard

Ministry of Justice and Public Order

Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism
Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver
Cooperative Societies' Supervision and Development Authority

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Communications and Works
Cyprus Postal Services
Deparment of Merchant Shipping

Ministry of Agriculture
Department of Water Development
Agricultural Research Institute

Independent Services
Planning Bureau
The Audit Office
Public Service Commission
Education Service Commission
Office of EU Coordinator
Office of the Commissioner for Public Aid
Commission for the Protection of Competition
Offfice of the Data Protection Commissioner
Cooperative Societies' Supervision and Development Authority
Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation

Semi government websites
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)
Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO)
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC)
Cyprus Sport Organisation (KOA)
Cyprus Ports Authority
Cyprus Airways
Cyprus State Fairs Authority
Human Resource Development of Cyprus

House of Representatives

Local Authorities
Union of Cyprus Municipalities
Union of Communities
Nicosia Municipality
Limassol Municipality
Larnaca Municipality
Paralimni Municipality
Mesa Yitonia Municipality
Kyrenia Municipality

Mass Media
Cyprus News Agency
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC)
Sigma International
Cyprus Mail
Cyprus Financial Mirror
Cyprus Weekly

Web servers situated in Cyprus

Financial and Commercial Institutions
The Central Bank of Cyprus
The Cyprus Development Bank
The Bank of Cyprus
The Cyprus Popular Bank
Alpha Bank
Universal Bank
Arab Bank
The Cyprus Stock Exchange
The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Employers and Industrialists Federation
Diogenes Business Incubator University of Cyprus
CreditInfo Cyprus

Educational establishments
The University of Cyprus
Americanos College
Cyprus International Institute of Management
Cyprus College
Frederick Institute of Technology
P.A. College
Philips College
Cyprus Institute of Technology
Kes College

The World of Cyprus
Lobby for Cyprus
Hellenic Resource Institute
World Organization for Young Overseas Cypriots

The United Nations
The European Union
The Council of Europe
The Commonwealth
Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Other Links
European Institute of Cyprus
Cyprus Bar Association