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Allies in the fight against terror

"Cyprus and the United States are bound together by common values, ideals, and interests and have a history of working together effectively to counter threats to peace, security, and our shared democratic values. Pivotal in this relationship have been our joint efforts to fight threats to global security."

Cyprus is a longtime strategic partner of the United States and continues to be so in the Global War on Terrorism.

Cyprus and the United States have a strong relationship going back, at least, to the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, when Cyprus provided the staging ground for the United States' evacuation and rescue efforts.

Throughout the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Cyprus has provided over-flight and landing rights to United States aircraft and port access for United States ships. Approximately 800 U.S. military flights have used Cyprus's airports, transporting troops and cargo to Iraq.

View specific measures against terrorism that Cyprus has initiated

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