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Request for Original Birth Certificate

Please submit the following to the Consulate Section of the Embassy of Cyprus, Washington D.C. to request an Original Birth Certificate from the Cyprus Government

1)     A letter addressed to the Cyprus Authorities requesting an original birth certificate

2)     The attached Affidavit duly completed and notarized either at the nearest Cyprus Consulate or by a Notary Public (and further authenticated via an Apostille Seal from the Office of the Secretary of State)

3)     Copy of birth certificate issued by the Republic of Cyprus (if applicable) 

4)    Notarized copy of all that apply - any national passport, US Driver's License, US Visa, US Permanent Residency Card, Cyprus ID

If name different than at the time of birth, please submit an original notarized copy of a marriage certificate if name change is due to marriage, otherwise a copy of US naturalization papers*, or court name change documents

5)     Cashier’s check / money order made payable to the Accountant-General of the Republic of Cyprus for € 5.00 for individuals born in Cyprus / € 20.00 for individuals NOT born in Cyprus .** Please note we do not accept personal checks

6)     For quick and accurate delivery, please include a self-addressed, stamped certified envelope, or pre-paid courier label

* If change of name is not a result of a marriage, additional fees may apply for the change of a name (Please call the Consular Office for further information).

Please contact the Consulate Office for the current equivalent amount in US $ dollars.

The issuance of an original birth certificate usually takes about 2 months and is done through the Ministry of the Interior by the respective municipality. Your patience is appreciated.

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