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Emergency Travel Document

Your request for an emergency travel document will only be considered if your passport expired or was stolen/ lost within the last three months of your application and you must travel to Cyprus for an emergency. For the issuance of a travel document, you are required to submit the following: 

1.      Application form duly completed and signed. The signature of the applicant in Part IV must be certified by a Notary Public if the application is submitted by mail.  Please include your eye color, height, and profession on the back of the application form.
2.      2 recent passport-size photographs. One must be notarized by a Notary Public
3.      Original Cypriot passport you wish to replace with a travel document
4.      Copy of Birth Certificate
5.      Copy of a US Visa or US permanent residency card
6.      If the passport you wish to replace was stolen/ lost you must submit proof that you have reported the theft/loss to the Police, along with a notarized Oath
7.      Proof of your emergency for urgent need to travel to Cyprus (serious medical reason for first degree relative, death in the family etc)
8.      Money order in the amount of € 20.00* made payable to Accountant-General of Cyprus (please note that personal checks are not accepted)
9.      For quick and accurate delivery, please include a self-addressed, stamped certified envelope, or pre-paid courier label
10. Travel itinerary or proposed travel dates. Please note the issuance of a travel document requires approximately 10 days and applicants’ travel arrangements must accommodate this timeframe.   
        11.  Particulars of applicant
 *Please contact the Consulate Office for the current equivalent amount in US $ dollars.

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