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Legalization Requirements / Power of Attorney / Apostille Seals



For the legalization of documents by the Cyprus Consulate you are required to submit the following:

- money order in the amount of € 8,54* for each document and made payable to Accountant-General of Cyprus,
- notarization by a Notary Public,
- authentication of Notary Signature by County Clerk
- address where the document(s) should be mailed back. If certified mail is preferred, please include a pre-paid return envelope. 

Please contact the Consulate Office for the current equivalent amount in US $ dollars.

                                                       APOSTILLE SEALS

The Republic of Cyprus has acceded to the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of legalization for Foreign Public Documents, signed in the Hague, on 5.10.1961. The Convention was ratified by the Law 50/72. For the implementation of this Convention, the Ministry of Justice and Public Order has been assigned as the Central Authority.

The Contracting States of this Convention are shown below:

Therefore, legal public documents issued by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus can only be considered legal by the United States if an “Apostille” seal is placed on them.
Please forward any written requests for an “Apostille” seal directly to the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus. The following must be submitted:
            -The original document to be certified. A true copy of the document is also accepted 
              only if it has been notarized by the Municipality of the
Republic of Cyprus where
              it was  originally issued.
-A € 5.00 fee. US dollars are also accepted in cash or cheque.** 
            - A self-addressed pre-paid certified return envelope.

            - The address where the above should be sent is:
                        Ministry of Justice and Public Order
                        Attention: Maria Iasonos (Apostille Seal)
                        1461 Nicosia, CYPRUS
For further clarification visit the website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order or contact Ms. Maria Iasonos by phone at 
011-357-22805964, email her at: miasonos@mjpo.gov.cy , or fax at 011-357-22518356

* In order to obtain an original marriage certificate please go to # 6 of Getting Married in Cyprus under the Consular Section of this website.

**Please contact the consulate office for the current equivalent amount in US $ dollars.


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