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Illegal Demographic Changes

» Turkey's Illegal Policy of Colonization in Cyprus

Turkey’s policy of colonization in Cyprus is contrary to the 1960 Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, signed between the United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus. Annex D to the Treaty governs Cyprus’ citizenship and makes it impossible and unlawful for either Community to upset the demographic balance by bringing in large numbers of ethnic Turks or Greeks and contend that they were of Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot descent and therefore entitled to come to Cyprus. Section 4, paragraph. 7, imposes quotas regarding the grant of citizenship to persons who had emigrated to Greece, Turkey or the British Commonwealth having before 1955 been resident in Cyprus, or who were descended from Ottoman subjects resident in Cyprus in 1914.
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» Exploitation of Maronite Properties in Occupied Cyprus

The Turkish military invasion in 1974 resulted in the occupation of all the Maronite villages, namely Kormakitis, Assomatos, Ayia Marina and Karpasha. Subsequently, the vast majority of the Maronite community was displaced from its historical and cultural localities. Today, about 98% of the community are refuges and are located in the areas controlled by the Cyprus Government.
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