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Cyprus in the UN

» Overview of UN Resolutions On Cyprus 1960-present

When in 1964 Turkey first threatened to invade Cyprus, the government of the young Republic brought the matter before the UN Security Council which adopted, unanimously, resolutions reflecting the collective will and decisions of the international community. As such, they provide the appropriate framework and the basis for a comprehensive settlement to the Question of Cyprus, in conformity with international law and the UN Charter.

» Resolutions Adopted By The Security Council

» Resolutions Adopted By The General Assembly

» Resolutions On Human Rights

» Resolutions On Missing Persons


The United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), was established with the consent of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus on 27 March 1964. The creation of the Force was recommended by the Security Council of the United Nations following the outbreak of the inter-communal conflict on the island and the threat of an imminent invasion by Turkey.

» UN Related Documents and Press Releases